School Procedures

Student Attendance

St Joseph's School monitors and manages student attendance in order to maximise the opportunities of all students to learn.

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Visitor Management

St Joseph's School seeks to provide a safe, open & friendly learning environment for all staff, students and actively values and encourages volunteers & visitors. To achieve this, the School has developed guidelines to effectively inform, monitor & manage volunteers & visitors that must be applied at all times.

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Traffic Management

St Joseph's School is committed to the safety of the students in our care. The safe transport to and from school of all students is a priority. This procedure outlines guidelines for parents to follow when dropping off and picking up their children, as well as students traveling to and from school on foot, bikes, scooters and buses.

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Student Health Management

St Joseph's School is committed to maintaining best practices in dealing with student’s medical conditions, illnesses and ongoing needs. 

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Dispute and Complaint Resolution

Catholic Education is committed to ensuring that disputes and complaints are dealt with fairly, objectively and in a timely manner, and that processes reflect the principles of participation, co-responsibility and subsidiarity.

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CEWA Privacy Policies and Collection Notices

As a Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) school, St Joseph's School collects, stores, uses, and discloses your personal information in accordance with the CEWA Privacy Policy and Privacy Collection Notices you may find here.


CEWA Whistleblower Protection Framework

The Whistleblower Protection Framework is designed to uphold CEWA’s shared values arising from the Catholic Social Teaching Principles of the dignity of the human person, the common good, subsidiarity, co-responsibility and participation.


School Fee Setting and Collection

Parents are required to make a commitment to support Catholic education financially by paying fees as a necessary contribution to the costs of delivering a Catholic education.
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