Child Safety

Child Safe Framework

Schools are called to be Christ-centred and child-focused places of learning. Children and young people reach their God-given potential through developing and flourishing in a safe environment. No child or young person can learn and flourish if he or she feels unsafe.

Child safety continues to be a key priority for all Catholic schools. The Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) Child Safe Framework, launched in 2018, encourages and supports every member of Catholic school communities to make good decisions that always keep the best interests of the child or young person first.

This Framework comprises nine elements.

  1. Support and Healing
  2. Culture
  3. Voice of the Child
  4. Governance and Leadership
  5. Policies and Procedures
  6. Human Resources
  7. Risk Management
  8. Investigation and Reporting
  9. Quality Assurance

Keeping Safe Curriculum

As part of this framework, St Joseph's School has implemented the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum from Pre-kindergarten to Year Six. The program is integrated into the curriculum and is presented in a developmentally, age-appropriate manner and delivered within the teachings of our Catholic identity. KS:CPC is a world class, evidence-based child safety curriculum that teaches children and young people to:

  • recognise abuse and tell a trusted adult
  • understand what is appropriate and inappropriate touching
  • understand ways to keep themselves safe.


Keeping Safe Parent and Carer Fact Sheets:

Early Years: Ages 3-5

Primary: Years 3-5

Middle Years: Years 6-9

Further information regarding the Child Safe Framework can be found at: