Learning Support

At St. Joseph’s, we have a tiered approach to learning intervention that aims to address the individual child’s needs. We believe that good quality differentiated classroom teaching is the essential first step in supporting student learning. In addition, we offer small group intervention programs to supplement students who are identified as needing additional support:

MiniLit Sage

MiniLit is an evidence-based, intensive early literacy intervention program for small groups of Years 1 & 2 students. The program provides explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, systematic synthetic phonics for reading and spelling, letter formation, and connected text reading. It complements the whole class program of InitiaLit in Years 1 & 2.


MacqLit is an explicit and systematic reading intervention program for small groups of low-progress readers in Years 3 & 4. As with MiniLit, it focuses on students recognising and using the 44 sounds in the English language to read and spell words and builds on learnt skills to break multi-syllabic words apart. It also includes all the key components necessary for effective reading instruction: phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Collaboration and communication between classroom teachers, support staff and parents is an important part of our learning support process.