Vision and Goals

St Joseph's School, Moora

Vision and Goals


St Joseph’s School is a community growing together in harmony and faith in Jesus.
In a safe environment, our school community seeks to empower its members to reach their potential.


We strive to:

  • Develop Gospel values and foster a relationship between Jesus and the children.
  • Provide opportunities for the students to develop their potential spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, creatively and emotionally.
  • Create an atmosphere to promote respect and sensitivity towards culture.
  • Live together with confidence and optimism.
  • Encourage communication and activity between Parents, Teachers, Students, Parish and Community.
  • Develop independent learners.
  • Promote an awareness of the need to respect and care for each person and all creation.

Outcomes - Knowledge

Students will acquire knowledge of:

  • Catholic beliefs and practices.
  • Their heritage and their Australian identity.
  • Rules and laws in maintaining an effective society.
  • Different social and cultural groups throughout the world.
  • Ways of communicating effectively.
  • Technology and computer skills.
  • The structure of English language as needed for everyday life.
  • Mathematical understanding and processes.
  • The natural environment and environmental sustainability.
  • Acceptable standards of social behviour.
  • The origins and history of Christianity and elements of other religions.
  • Their uniqueness, gifts and capabilities.
  • The functioning and care of the human body.

Outcomes - Skills

Students will develop skills in:

  • Praying in different ways.
  • Physical co-ordination.
  • Making informed and responsible decisions.
  • Interacting in socially acceptable ways.
  • Using their creativity.
  • Keeping clean, healthy and fit.
  • Communicating appropriately.
  • Team work & Collaborative Learning.
  • Treating others and their culture thoughfully and with repect.
  • Setting and achieving goals.
  • Comprehending, memorising and recalling.
  • Reasearching to gain knowledge and understanding.
  • Being critical of the mass media.
  • Preserving the natural environment.
  • Using technology.

Outcomes - Values

Students will develop belief in the value of :-

  • Being involved in the activities of the Catholic Church.
  • Being personally committed to Christ and his way of living.
  • Their own cultural heritage and that of others.
  • Accepting constructive criticism.
  • Being honest, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Personal and shared prayer.
  • Achieving one's best.
  • Preserving the natural environment.
  • A positive self image.
  • Accepting responsibility for one's actions.
  • Accepting appropriate authority.
  • Establishing healthy relationships.
  • Personal and community safety.
  • Caring for the school environment.

Contact Us

Kintore Street
Moora WA 6510

Postal Address
P.O. Box 213
Moora WA 6510

Phone: (08) 9690 8888