Principal's Message

St Joseph's School, Moora

Principal's Message

Welcome to St Joseph’s School community.   

Founded in 1913 by the Sisters of St Joseph, we are a community growing together in harmony and faith in Jesus where staff, students, parents and the parish work together in a spirit of Christian cooperation.  We acknowledge parents as the first educators of their children and recognise the unique contribution made by parents to their children’s learning and to the life of the school.  Our aim in working in partnership with parents, and the wider community, is to nurture the spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional growth of every child.    

Our school motto, ‘Learning with Dignity’, captures what is truly important to us at St Joseph’s School.  We are a learning community that values diversity and treats each student with dignity, providing them with every opportunity to reach their full potential. 

At St Joseph’s School, our students receive a well-rounded, Catholic education. Our learning and teaching programme offers a broad range of educational experiences aimed at addressing the needs of all students so that every child is supported in their journey towards achieving their true potential.  

The time your child will spend in primary education is a most significant period in their life and in the life of your family. We trust that your association with St Joseph’s School will be rewarding.   
Therese Bandy